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Welcome to Inspired by the View!

Hi! and welcome. Inspired by the View is a Positive Lifestyle blog and business. Inspired by the View was created to inspire people, help people, advice people and to get people into action. Inspired by the View is inspired by the views that I had and have. From mountains to insights. Inspired by the View is a lifestyle blog. Mainly focused on Travel & life. 

I’m Dawn.  I love to talk about life, walk my dog and travel. I’m from the Netherlands. I have a big passion for life and giving people advice. I wanted to create a space where sh*t is real and truly. I wanted to create something that inspires you, something that changes your view on things, something you can relate to, something human, something that motivates you, something that make’s you want to want more out of life, something real. A place full of life.

Inspired by the View.

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the world is yours. 

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