nighttime affirmations inspired by the view
nighttime affirmations inspired by the view

Change the quality of your sleep, quality of your dreams, your healing process and your manifesting game with these nighttime affirmations.

Nighttime Affirmations. Do they work? yes. 

Use them for sweet dreams, enough sleep and manifesting your desires. I created the nighttime affirmations for healing sleep, sweet dreams and nice days.  Focused on sleep, healing and way more. It really works so be sure to check it out. Know that it is okay to only repeat them in your head. You don’t always have to say it out loud or write them down. Just set an intention before going to sleep. You can also ask God, the universe, your guides, (whatever works for you) for guidance. 

 I think we can say that everyone loves sleep. Sometimes you sleep well sometimes not. Sometimes nightmares say hello at night. But the most important thing to remember is that you are dreaming because you have to process the day. We not only rest, we heal while we sleep. Be grateful. Even if you are having a nightmare. Remind yourself that you are healing. 

Since we are healing in our sleep, take advantage of it and use these affirmations below. Repeat, repeat, repeat. And ask for guidance, and be grateful. 

I wish u all the sleep, rest and healing you need and of course an amazing life. 

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Also be sure to check out my Daily Worksheet Printables to manifest all your desires with the law of attraction. It includes a Night manifest worksheet. Write down all your affirmations and everything you like to have, to manifest while sleeping.  Click the image below.

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