6 ways to manifest anything you want law of attraction
6 ways to manifest anything law of attraction 2019

6 ways to manifest anything:

1. Visualize 

Visualize it in your head. Imagine it. See it, feel it, picture it. Your body doesn’t know the difference between what it is in your mind and what’s in the physical world.. There is no difference. It’s limitless and all connected. It’s all energy. 

Try this: Close your eyes, visualize you are running a marathon, really imagine it. Now feel your legs. Do you feel it? maybe some tingeling. Yup. That means that if you can imagine it, you can do it and have it.. So knowing that, realize all the things you can do and have. Everything you can imagine. You can do a-ny-thing. 

No matter what you want, visualize what you want and repeat it. Maybe just ones a day. Just don’t push it. Visualize be grateful, take it all in and release. Let it go. It will come to you. Don’t push it, don’t resist it, let – it – go.

( Blogpost on how to let go coming soon)

2. Vision board

Create a vision board.  ( a collage of images) You can use a cardboard to pin the images to or use some thick paper and glue or tape them on. Any background works. Another option is to make a collage on your computer or phone and print it out. 

So for the beautiful humans that don’t know what a vision board is, let me explain: (my personal vision, no facts)

A vision board is a ”board” where you put images or words but mostly images that are, or resonate with what you want to achieve or attract. 

You can use it many ways:

  • To be reminded of what you want, so you keep working hard.
  • To attract ( law of attraction & fen shui)
  • To feel inspired 
  • To get it out of your head and see the bigger picture. 

For example:

For instance, say you want to manifest a specific person into your life. Maybe a celebrity. You create a vision board, have a picture of that certain celebrity on it and you put that vision board somewhere that, when you go to sleep every night you HAVE to see it.

What might happen is that,  ( besides the law of attraction & fen shui)  you are reminded of that person and because of that you might have a moment of desire and visualization and feel it and feel grateful. Then next you go to sleep with that celebrity visualization being the last thought on your mind and while feeling amazing. You fall asleep and in that moment, you let go of it. 

guess what? you might manifest it while you sleep. 

love that. 

3. Vision-words

This is kind of the same as a vision board and i totally made this up but it works. So it’s the same as with a vision board but with words. So same concept. Have a board, put words/pictures with words, quotes, mantra’s and affirmations on it. Put it somewhere where you can see it or where you can’t ignore it. Let it go and there ya go. BAM right in your lap. You manifested. 


Maybe you are trying to manifest a purple Gucci bag.  I know very materialistic but this is a great detailed example. You are worth that materialistic shit. just saying. 

For example, a purple Gucci bag. Instead of putting pictures of that bag, you put the words: Purple Gucci bag or I have a purple Gucci bag on your vision board. Next you know, you manifested  a purple Gucci bag. So it doesn’t always have to be an image. Whatever floats your boat.

I don’t even know if a purple Gucci bag exists but it works for this example. 

* of course this works with everything you put the words on.  Put it on your wallpaper, bedroom wall, fridge, computer background etc. This also applies to a vision board. 


4. Scripting

Scripting / writing/ future writing, whatever you want to call it.

 Scripting can be done multiple ways. 

  • You can ”rewrite” a certain experience etc.
  • You can write the future/ what you want to have in the upcoming x. / what you would like to manifest.


Dear Universe,

I am so grateful that I got the job that I wanted. I am having the time of my life and couldn’t be more happier. 

My love life is going the way I want it to go and me and my love of my life are happier than ever. 

Thank you so much.

This was a short example but it can be as long as you want it to be. Be sure to be as specific as possible. My example was a little specific but with specific I really mean like in detail. The more detail the better. Otherwise, you might manifest what you wanted but not totally the way you wanted it to be. 

5. Affirmations

Affirmations. My favorite as you can see on this website. 

Affirmations are such a strong way to manifest in my own experience. Words are not just words. Words are energy and they do something. 

You can either

  • Say them in your head,
  • Say them out loud / say them to yourself 
  • Write them down
  • Put it on your wall 
  • As a background/wallpaper 
  • Say it to someone else

If you would like to know more about affirmations and why it works, check out my post: Change your life with this effective trick 2019 | New Year Affirmations

But if you want to manifest even faster, I have something for you. 

The Daily Affirmation Worksheet Printables.

The Daily Affirmation Worksheet Printables are worksheets that I created to manifest anything that you desire throughout the whole day. I created 3 of them. 

  • One for in the morning to set an intention for the day and manifest early. 
  • One for throughout the day /any time you like.
  • One for at night to manifest while you sleep. 
You can either use them to script, repeat affirmations, setting an intention or just to write. 

You can use these worksheets everyday. Imagine how much you could manifest if you use them for 7 – days straight. Or maybe even a month. I truly believe it’s worth trying.

join me and all my lovely manifestors on this journey. 

Buy the Daily Affirmation Worksheet Printables here. for just $1. 

Or click on the image below:

6. Acting as if

I looove this one.  It’s as simple as it sounds. Acting – as – if. Take this literally.

You want to be rich? Act as if. Spent money because you have enough. Yes you do.  Spent some more money, feeling rich. Act as if you are rich

What would you do when you were rich? What would you wear? What you say? What would you spent money on? What would you save for? How would you act? What would you do? What would you say to yourself? What would you tell others? How would you feel?

All these question are important. You have to act in the now to receive it in the future. Now is a result of your thoughts & actions of the past.

It's all good.

No matter what way or method you use to manifest your deepest desires it’s all good. Figure out what works best for you and always stay open to new methods, because that one method works for someone else doesn’t mean it works for you. If one method doesn’t work don’t give up. Try another one. It will work for you, just don’t wait. Let – it -go. 

How to let go and release coming soon. 

Sending all the love and light. 

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