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how to reprogram your mind | thinks positive thoughts inspired by the view

Reprogram your mind

 Our day to day thinking can be really negative, self destructive and totally not helping at al. Because we don’t know better, we think that the way we think is pretty normal. Well hi, hello, I am here to tell you it’s not. I am going to tell you why and how you can change it. 

how to reprogram your mind

Because you can

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Does this picture make you feel happy? I bet it does. Sunny sky and bright colors. 

You see, your environment also has influence on you. Just as these colors have influence on you. 

Ask yourself, What do I read? How does my living space / bedroom look? What is hanging on the walls? What news do I read? What kind of music do I listen to? What kind of video’s & movies do I watch?

The big question: What do I feed my mind with? 

Because, what you feed your mind with is what you are going to experience. Just listen to this example:

  • If you watch a happy and funny movie, big chances are you feel great and happy after the movie. 
  • If you watch a sad movie or a movie with lots of drama, big chances are you feel like crap afterwards. 

Why? because, that’s what you feed your mind with. That’s what you focus on. 

Focus = Experience

So now that you know that, lets go back tot the beginning. 

Your Thoughts | Why do I think what I think?


Your throughts are your own thoughts right? Nah. Not all of em. What if I told you that most of your thoughts and beliefs are actually not your own but actually somebody’s opinion, an experience from when you were younger or something that was said to you. Most of them might be negative. Let me explain:

You’re first seven years on this earth, you actually already developed your belief-system for a big part. This belief-system consists of memories, things people said to you and certain feelings and emotions. All these things together created a belief-system in your mind and how you see the world. 

Now you might not even be aware of some of those beliefs and thoughts. Because they are patterns and we need to break those patterns. But before we can break them we need to become aware of them. 

And through the years, you develop more and more belief-systems and patterns only. These are based off your experiences, things that are being said to you, things you keep hearing from people, feelings that hit you to the bone. 

Of course not all these belief systems are negative but somehow we do remember the negative ones more than the positive ones. 

Now after all those years, you have so many thoughts and beliefs that you don’t even recognize the ones that aren’t yours. 

Let me give you an example:

  • When you we’re younger your father always told you that you weren’t good enough over and over. 

Big chances are, years later you tell yourself over and over again that you are not good enough. Not because you really think that but because that’s what you’ve been taught.  You might not even remember how you ended up with that belief or where it came from, because ”it was just there”. No, it wasn’t. You’ve been TAUGHT  that you are not good enough. Your mind is programmed to belief that. 

See it as a PC programmer. The programmer puts ”programs” in the pc. The PC doesn’t think about it, it just does it because it’s programmed.  When you were younger you didn’t have any experience and your belief-system was still ” under construction”  so you just sucked everything up like a sponge.  You just took it all in, every experience that made you feel some kind of way, what someone might told you, what your parent taught you etc. 

So if you are thinking negative right now or just have negative mindset, ask yourself:

  • Why am I thinking these thoughts?
  • Could there be anything that made me thinks this way?
  • Do I really belief these thoughts?

Now on to the next one:

Focussing on the Negative & Bad 

We talked about how your focus determines what you experience right? Now what if you focus on the ” negative or bad ” things?

If you do, you are going to feel negatively, you are going to have negative feelings and experiences, you are going to attract negative feelings and experiences and you are going to think negative thoughts.

Maybe you have a problem and keep focussing on the fact that you have a problem and on the problem itself instead of putting al that energy into creating a solution. Of course the situation will stay the same. 


Lets say, you want to live a happy life and have a positive mindset, but surround yourself with negative people, have dark colored walls, watch a lot of sad movies, read negative news, have negative quotes on your wall and eat unhealthy food. All that shit isn’t going to help you live a happy life with a positive mindset. 

Another example:

You want to live a healthy life. It wouldn’t make sense if you bought unhealthy snacks, watch people eating and enjoying their unhealthy food, have a huge big hamburger poster on your wall, and listen to podcasts on fastfood right? No it won’t. Because, you are focussing on the things you DON’T want. You are surrounding yourself with the opposite of what you want. If you focus on the things you do not want, you are only going to get more of that. You are feeding your mind the shit you do – not – want.  

So you have to start focussing on the things you DO want. Tell yourself things that will help you and support you and make you a better and happier you. You have to teach YOU and your brain what to think & focus on.

Your mind is taught by your childhood experiences, your past and society to focus on the bad and it’s your job to reprogram it. 

The Solution

How to Reprogram your mind & your thinking 

There are many ways but one of them is The Happy Rewire method Worksheet & Printable. 

The Happy Rewire Method Worksheet is a tool to help you reprogram your mind in 21 – days, so you can start to think (more) positive, have a positive mindset and feel happy. 

In order to live the life you want and live a positive life, you need to think positive thoughts. And this worksheet is going to help you with that & help you reprogram your mind. Because you deserve to think positive thoughts, and live a happy life. Without negative and constructive thoughts. You are worth it. YOU ARE. You deserve what you desire. 

This worksheet is for you if:

  • You want to think positive thoughts
  • You want to have a positive mindset
  • You want to feel happy
  • You experience anxiety, fear etc.
  • You want to change the quality of your thinking
  • You want to change the quality of your life
  • You want to manifest your desires
  • You want more of what you love

For just $7 you’ll get:

  • A beautiful cover
  • 50 pages ( total of 21 days )
  • 3 Bonus Templates

Break your thinking pattern and start to think thoughts that lift you up, support you and think thoughts that you deserve. Positive, lifting, supporting and enjoyable thoughts. I promise you it’s worth the try.

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