Change your life wit these 15 books
change your life with these 15 books inspired by the view

It’s 2019 and it’s time to live the life we think we deserve. How do we do that? In order to change our life to live the life we think we deserve and receive the things we think we deserve, we have to change the way we think. How do we that? Affirmations, radical changes but also reading life changing books. 

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Change your life right now.

Change your life with these 15 books. I made a list of some books I personally love and that also  most important, changed my life and/or way of thinking. Most of them are eye openers and SO inspirational.  The genres are between life-changing, law of attraction and philosophy. There are so many other books I want so share but I think these are the most inspirational and life changing.

I think the word ” life changing” can be frown around so easily and people use it all the time but the thing is that most of the time it actually IS life changing but sometimes people have these certain ideas or expectations when it comes to ” life changing”. The thing is that everyone thinks different and believes in different things. And because of that we see things differently and understand the same things differently.

Some understand certain things, other don’t or do not yet. And there is nothing wrong with that, but just know that because of that some have an awakening, some don’t. Some love it, some don’t.

For one person a book can be LIFE CHANGING TO THE BONE and for the other person it can be just some words or just a good book. ( nothing wrong with any of them) But it all depends on you. And with that being said, I hope these books will change your life or at least your way of thinking and of course in a positive way.  

The Universe Has your back 

by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Feeling lost? Asking yourself why certain things are happening in your life? The universe has your back. Gabrielle talks about how to deal with life and gives you advice on how to have faith and trust the universe. 

Check it out here. 

Awaken The Giant Within 

By Tony Robbins

If you want to I quote –  ” Awaken the giant within” and find/use all the inner strength you have, this one’s for you. Tony Robbins talks about how to release ”the beast ”  within and get the best out of yourself. The successful life coach and business strategist knows exactly what he is talking about. I personally am a big fan of his work and also love this book. Hungry for life? read this book.

Check it out here.

The Secret

By Rhonda Byrne 

New to the law of attraction or Rhonda Byrne? or just interested in the law of attraction? be sure to check out this one. learn about the law of attraction and how to use it. I personally loved this one SO much. It’s so easy to read but so informative. ( be sure to check out the movie on Netflix) ( check out the other 3 books)

Check it out here.

Light Is The New Black

By Rebecca Campbell

Are you on a spiritual journey? or maybe as Rebecca Campbell says: ” in the spiritual closet?” this book is for you. Rebecca is an angel who talks about her own spiritual journey, awaking and by doing that, she awakens everyone reading this book. You can either read this book in order or open on a random page. I highly recommend reading this one if you are on a spiritual journey. 

Check it out here.

Sacred Powers

By David Ji 

David ji takes you on his spiritual journey and big awakening while teaching you all the 5 principles. If you are waiting for your awakening or just on your spiritual journey be sure to read this one. David his story is really really interesting and super inspiring. He is also just a beautiful soul. 

Check it out here.

Live Your Dreams

By Les Brown 

Les Brown is all about saying yes to life and dreams and achieving your goals. In Live Your Dreams he talks about living your dreams and how to achieve them. And living the dream. Les Brown is really motivating and inspiring. Feel unmotivated?  Or want to feel even more motivated then you already are? read this one. 

Check it out here.


By Yasmin Boland 

If you love the moon or astrology this one is for you. Yasmin Boland talks about the phases of the moon and how they affect you. If you want to learn more about the moon, her phases and the influence, be sure to check out this one. To the moon and back.

Check it out here.

The Power

By Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne back at it again with a amazing Law of attraction book. If you read the secret ( or not) this is a must read. The Power goes deeper into the frequency of the law of attraction and the source of life. If you love the secret or any other book by Rhonda, you’ll love this one. I would say read all of them to be honest.      ( all 4 + the daily teachings book)

Check it out here.

Letter To My Daughter

By Maya Angelou

This is such a beautiful and inspiring book. Maya Angelou dedicated this book to the daughter she never had. It’s full of wisdom, inspiring phrases and life lessons.  A must read for sure. 

Check it out here.

You Are A Badass

By Jen Sincero 

Doubting yourself? Not feeling good enough? Not believing In yourself? Or just need a confidence boost? This one is for you. You are a badass teaches you how to embrace your own greatness and start living the life you deserve. Because you ARE a badass. This book is very empowering and motivating in his own way. 

Check it out here.

Think and Grow Rich

By Napeleon Hill

The title says it all. Think and Grow rich. This book is all about visualization  Napoleon Hill teaches you how the brain works and what you need to apply to live a successful life.  Also if you are into the law of attraction this is A MUST READ. 

Check it out here.

Big Magic

By Elizabeth Gilbert 

Want to let yourself free and express yourself from creative ways to day to day – life ways? Big magic encourages you to say  f* fear and dare to live to your fullest. Elizabeth talks about her life and shares her Wisdom.  Want to live and be your authentic self? read this book. 

Check it out here.


By David Ji

Destessifying Is al about, you guessed it, DEstressifying. David Ji is a Meditation teacher and stress expert. in this book David teaches you how to destressify and get back your peace of mind. ( Also be sure to check out his award winning book  The Secrets of Meditation)

Check it out here.

The Magic

By Rhonda Byrne 

Of course if you read The secret or the other books by Rhonda Byrne, this is a must read. You don’t have to read the secret first to read this one. The magic goes deeper into the law of attraction, what to do and some guidance. A must read FOR SURE. ( check out the other 3 books)

Check it out here. 


The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck 

By Mark Manson

Want to learn how to live without giving a fuck?  but most importantly getting and achieving everything you want in life? read this one. Mark has his own unique way of telling. This book is really straight-forward and cut to the chase. 

Check it out here.

My personal favorite

          Check it out here. 

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