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Astrology | Interview with Ray Couture.

Ray Couture is a profesional Astrologer and life coach. Ray Couture has been in the Astrology world for over 45+ years. He studied with the amazing Dane Rudhyar in the past ( known from The lunation Cycle & The twelve Astrological Houses ) He also did workshops and lectures on The Sabian Symbols by Author Marc Edmund Jones. 

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Why are people afraid of the unknown?

Ray – ” The only reason that people are afraid of the unknown is because they got into it without realizing it. The consciousness is lacking in the understanding that we are NOT separate at all. What we are, see THAT’S the question. You have an ego, but who is it that has the ego? Who are you? Who am I? The ego will say your name and that’s true, but it’s a tool.”

Tell us something we might not know.

” When a star uses up all of his hydraxon, it starts burning up the helium and then it begins producing all the heavy metals. So heavy that it implodes gravitationally and blows up. And while doing that, it puts it into a field of gas and everything that it takes to make another star or planet. And it makes that gas-field rotate. So eventually you are down to two atoms who are swirling around each other at the speed of life till they fuse and in that moment of fusion is when the sun is created. And in the creation of that sun is a creation of the consciousness. Think about the world right now and imagine suddenly there would be no sun. Everything would be flying everywhere, there would be nothing. ”

” I find it useful trying to work with somebody and deal with what their everyday reality is for them, and try to bring them to the realization that they are connected to the divine as the divine is the creation of the sun. ” 

'' The solar system is the sun and the planets are his organs. ''

How and when did you start with Astrology?

” I spend some number of years in the air force ( United States Airforce) and when I got out of the air force I ended up in California. There was this one cafe where all  the radicals and political activists would have coffee and I met this guy and he seemed to knew more about me than he could knew about me. I just couldn’t figure out how he knew so much about my character but within an hour or two he knew exactly who I was without any information. I said: ‘’ how do you do that?’’ He said: ‘’ well, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.’’ And I said:’’ oh c’mon, give me a try.’’ So he does and he tells me about Astrology and I tell him he’s crazy. I said:’’ no no no, there is got to be something else.. because I just spend all this time having the government push me around, telling me what to do, what time to go to bed, what time to get up, and everything. And now you want me to believe that those balls of gas and rocks in the sky are ruling my destiny? That’s crazy. ‘’ 


But you know it kept on happening and he kept on talking to me and I thought: well ok, what do you want me to read? So he directed me to several books to read and so I did, and within a couple years we we’re both together as partners doing Astrology classes. And that’s 50 years ago now. I spend 40 years under his tutelage.”

” He was my mentor in so many different ways. He understood and knew my character as well via the art and science and practice of his own astrological knowledge, but he added  his personal wisdom because he was about 15 years older than me. I grew up pretty much in a household without a father. He was a real father figure to me.  He stuck with me thru thick and thin. I can point my finger at him and say: That’s the guy who gave me my change in life. 

He sadly passed away last year. ”

Would you been doing Astrology if you didn’t meet your mentor?

” Probably wouldn’t. I am a Sagittarius at birth, in terms of a sun sign. I have a Aries ascendant and a Leo moon. I’m just a ball of fire. But even though my mentor passed away, I channel him. When I’m reading a chart, some of the things that I say come directly from what he told me. I see in my own way how they apply. But I use his words because I found his words went to the core. 

When you have fire, its very creative but you know its also requires a lot of management. So it took me a very long time to get as deep into astrology. Not in terms of time but the continually deepening sense of what it’s really saying. It’s almost like the sky is speaking. ”

How would you explain Astrology?

” I see it this way: the context within which astrology exists is a context of a cosmos which many different scientists like quantum-fysics, quantum mechanics certain fields of astronomy come to understand or at least believe that the cosmos is a living mechanism in some sort. Some have also thought of the cosmos as a great thought. So the idea of a living cosmos is applied in my mind as I see astrology to the solar system. ”

Do you always feel like your Sun sign? (Sagittarius)

” Yes I feel like a Sagittarius. But sometimes I don’t feel like a sagittarius at all. When my Aries rising I get angry, so then I say to myself: ‘’ wait a minute, what are you doing?’’ You know? But when I was younger though, my time in the military was all about my Aries rising. It was my path, it was my escape ticket from home. I didn’t have to get another job, I just to joint the air force. ”

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What is your vision on the 13th Zodiac sign?

” Well If you want it to, you could include also 20 or 30 other constellations that are floating around not that far away. The constellations as such are just pigments of our imagination. We overtime as humanity have written or drawn in the sky connections between this star and that star and it’s a constellation of stars. We created the concept of constellations in the first place. They’re just there. And they look that way because where we are, if we were in some other part of the cosmos , that constellation would look completely different and would not be identifiable with what we’re seeing here. So the idea of a 13th Zodiac sign is you know ‘’ludacris’’ as far as I am concerned. Because the constellations in and of them selfs are much less important than the path of the earth around the sun. You take the path of the earth around the sun as your zodiac, that’s the ecliptic, that’s the path of the earth around the sun, and you divide it in 12 equal parts. They are equal in terms of the time it takes to go through them, but it is based on the relationship between the earth and the sun. Why don’t we just live with the star that we are and develop and understand our relationship to that, which is our consciousness. 

You could have 20, 30, 40 signs if you wanted, but I don’t see the value of that because than why limit yourself to just that group of zodiac signs? What about the rest ahead? Why not to that 50 degrees above that? Or below that? The idea is, what is the most nearest most internally, right in the gut of your life? The sun. And when you look at the cultures of the world of ancient cultures, they always have it one way or another. Some relationships to the seasons. People tend to take care of one another when its winter and spend more time together. In the darker times we come up with ways to cheering ourselves up. Other cultures thousands of years ago had different views. So i don’t think it is not really anything but opportunity for people to exercise their imagination when it comes to 13 signs. I found the tropical zodiac much more valuable than constellational zodiac. ” 

astrology ray couture interview

” If you would add a 13th zodiac sign, a lot of things would change. ”

” That’s also because in sidereal astrology ( sidereal means stars/constellations) was developed in eastern part of the world over thousands of century’s just as much as the western was developed.  The difference between the two is that sidereal uses the constellations. Some of them are short and some long but they don’t pay attention to that. Everything is based up on where the virnal equinox takes place. In my view that’s fine.

” There was a time when the equinox was in Aries and then there was a time it was in pisces and so forth. So the eastern astrology says then that I would be a scorpio instead of a sagittarius. But how they explain my being sagittarius like, instead of Scorpio like, it is a real big difference. But they are so close. Scorpio energy is related to regeneration. And a sagittarius energy is related to the idea of staying alive, being ongoing, being very knowledgeable, seeking the truth and trying to live with it.  And one of the downfalls of scorpio energy is, they tend to be a little bit hars when you ask them something about how they are. They can lie a lot. And they sometimes don’t even realize what they are doing. They hide and sagittarius try’s to take the covers off you know? ”

(Back to the 12 signs.)

” 12 signs are a lot more effective because the human being is as complexed as it its, physically, spiritually, emotionally etc. 12 ways, 12 departments of life is what the house represents. The idea is that you take the zodiac signs as 12 different kinds of energy’s and type’s of people and then you see they are born at a certain time / their beginning and the way that they begin life depends on which sign was rising. Because it’s not just a background star, it is the actual earth relationship with that particular point. That is why a astrologer needs to know where a person is born, what time they are born to pin point on the earth’s and that’s relationship to the sun. And if you remember that the sun is the zodiac and all the planets are the organs of the zodiac then you could see what different energy’s operating in what different parts of life. I mean Jupiter could be in the third house so the person would be either trying to educate their community or are traveling a lot, or visiting community’s all around the world. Or it could be in the sixth house then they would have to put a lot of energy In their physiological development. ”

” So it is necessary to stick with the twelve signs. And with the tropical astrology ( the relationship between the earth and the sun). ”

How much influence do the moon and sun have on humans?

” That’s a tricky question because the sun and the moon ARE us. So it is the ego that want’s to know those kind of things and the Interesting thing about the ego is really a socially constructed idea of who you are and is NOT, WHO you are.  It doesn’t even exist as an entity. But it’s a state of consciousness within your psyche this thing called ‘’ego’’ and the ego wants to know: Do I have control over my life? Or is the moon going to tell me I have to push this way, or is the sun going to make me do it that way? That question comes from a separation consciousness where we think that we are separate from one another, that everything is separated out so we end up isolated. We wander ‘’ is the sun going to burn me today?’’ ‘’ What is the moon going to do to me today? Knock me off my horse?’’ ‘’ Is my bicycle going to have a flat tire because the moon is in scorpio?’’ The ego needs to know that kind of stuff. ”

” But it is a good question too because it is an opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding. ”

” We all have this misunderstanding in this world that we are separate from one another. We think we are not the same being. So it’s like as if your right hand and left hand don’t have any connecting to one another. And when you look at that, they don’t. They are separate but a part of ONE body. ”

” So the idea is that when the moon is moving thru different parts of the sky, it could have a different aspect tool relationship. Like the moon in your chart might be in a position where the moon in the sky is 90 degrees and that’s called a square, and at that moment you might experience a feeling a little bit of a crisis, could be a major crisis, it could be a minor crisis, it could be nothing at all other than, I’m so hungry, I can’t do this anymore, I need to stop and go grab a bite to eat. It goes very small, very large but it’s constantly there. ” ” Everything that I write on my blog and put on my youtube channel, has a lot to do with the position of the moon at any giving time. ” 

People say: ‘’ yeah but those planets are far away and I’m not in a solar system like out there…’’

” No, you are sitting in the middle of it.  ” 

interview Ray Couture inspired by the view

” The moon going around the earth creates a shell. That make’s the earth a pregnancy. It’s aligned with the life that the solar system is manifesting. We are ALL the solar system at different states of his being. You, I, everyone. So the influence is complete because it is in there. It’s in you.  It’s in you gut.  It’s in your heart, your mind, It’s in your body. ”

” Once we get rid of the misinterpretation and see that were not really separate, because the reason we look that way is because our eyes are tooled to only see one frequency of the radiation spectrum and we are surrounded by a lot of energy that we can’t see, feel, hear or touch. But we’re engaged in it, we’re just swimming in it, like a fish in water. ”                                                                

” It’s the reality we are living in. ”

” You look at another person and the image that you see, is created in your own scalp. Because the light bounces of the energy package that that person is, in the mist of another thousand little packages of energy that there are around in the world. You take that images into your scalp to actually be the images that are out there and that separates us. That image separates you from that person in front of you. It creates the misunderstanding that we are separate. It’s like looking at your hand and not realizing its your hand.” 

” It’s that way with the moon and influences. Its almost instinctual. It goes deep into the psyche. ”

” There is an old saying: ‘’ before enlightenment, carry water and chop wood. After enlightenment: carry water and chop wood. ‘’ That’s what the monks would say.  When you just keep going on with your life you find that the things that would really hurt you and disturb you before, don’t even exist. You just realized that the ego is this thing that is created out there for your spirit to use as a tool and you have to take that ego into your spirit and sued it and say well: you’ve must misunderstood. You are me. You are a apart of me. And we are one with the cosmos. But I have to be practical you say? well, how I do make money? I need money? The ego says: ‘’ wel that’s fine. Offer a service, find a job ‘’ But how can that be spiritual? ”.

” You are spirit on a human journey. It’s like the spirit put’s his hands in a glove, and the energy body/human is the glove. We are a part of something bigger than ourselfs.” 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in life?

” No matter how small or large you see things, good or bad, right or wrong, your ability to get anywhere along the path of your spiritual development requires you to believe in yourself. And that does not mean disrespecting anybody else, that’s just arrogance. Believe in yourself, as knowing and living the best you can, according to what strenght of spirit you have at each stage of your life. Whatever you run into, you have to look back and say: ‘’ what is this for?’’ ‘’ What am I supposed to do with this?’’.  As apposed to what your’e taught to do which is ask yourself ‘’ why is this happening to me? ‘’.  The idea is: It’s an opportunity and you need faith in yourself to see everything in life. The great things that happend tot you are not as great as the opportunity they present. And when something really disturbing happens in your life the question is: ‘’ how can I grow from this?’’.  Every choice you make in life have to come from a sense of being one with the cosmos.”

'' Life is who and what we are. ''

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