how to silence the mind

let’s get right into it. I can write a long post about this but it’s actually very simple.

Shutting up your mind can be very difficult. We have thousands of thoughts everyday. Thank god that most of our thoughts pass by like clouds. 

We work, go to school, have meetings, bring the kids to school, do laundry, make dinner, work out, and so more much things we ‘’have’’ to do. And while doing all that, we manage to think and overthink while doing it all. Our mind never really gets rest and neither does our body. 

Your mind has such a big influence on your body, its very important to really just BE once in a while. To be honest I say once in a while but I mean like at least once everyday. Take a moment everyday to just BE.  Just breathe and live in the moment. 

You might be thinking right now: But how is that possible when my mind won’t shut the f* up? 

Well, that’s why I’m here. To tell you how. It’s all about focus. When you focus on something, your brain ignores the rest. Including thoughts. Your focus is like bluetooth. You might be connected to something because your focussing on it, but you are the one who can disconnect it : Focus on something else. 


 Here are 5 easy ways to silence the mind: 


1: Meditation. 

Meditation shuts off the mind. Meditation gives you a moment to relax  mentally, physically, emotionally and spirituality. It gives you a moment of peace. It’s a moment to just breathe and be. Meditation is really good for your health also. While meditating focus on your Breath. 

Meditation takes practice tho. You can’t just expect your mind to shut up instantly. While meditating, give yourself time. Thoughts will come and go. 

Meditation meditating

2. Drawing / Painting

Drawing or Painting is a great way to silence the mind. While drawing/painting your mind is focused on what you are drawing and all the colors. It’s a great way to express yourself.


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3. Working out

With working out I mean, Running, fitness, yoga, pilates, martial arts etc. Any kind of sport. While working out your mind shuts off. Your focus is on your body and goal.



4. Reading

This I also a great one because you can’t read and think at the same time. Try it for once. While reading, your mind is totally focused on what you are reading and the story you might see in your mind.


5. Petting a Pet / Animal

I love this one. Dog mom right here. Of course not everybody has a pet but any animal counts. When petting a pet/animal your mind is totally focused on the animal and the love the animals gives. It’s like your mind shuts off and connects with the animal/soul through a spiritual connection. Pet your neighbors pet, go to the zoo, swim with dolphins etc.

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Sending all the love & light. 

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How to silence the mind
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