Siteground Webhost Hosting Provider
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Siteground Hosting Provider

Need a hosting provider? I got your back.

Before I started my blog, I did so much research and read so many articles. Everyone recommended a different hosting provider and it was so confusing. There are so many hosting providers out there and I wanted to be sure I chose the right one. After reading blog post after blog post, I ended up choosing between Go Daddy, Bluehost and Siteground. Now to be honest, they are all great hosting providers but I wanted one that had a lot to offer and I could TRUST.

I wanted to have a hosting provider that was always   ” there for me” if you know what I mean? A hosting provider that would make sure I wasn’t getting hacked, that would be there if I needed help 24/7, that would check my website every week just to make sure it was clean, that would help get my website back up and live right away, that would do EVERYTHING to help me, that would care about me as a customer, that would have a lot to offer, that would have the option for me to grow and upgrade easily, that would protect my website, that I would be able to contact without needing my laptop, a hosting provider to rely on. 

Don’t know what a hosting provider is? A hosting provider is a company that provides you a webserver and domain. They make sure your website is up and running & way more other geeky things. 

And I’m telling you happy and proud, I chose the right one. Siteground.

*disclaimer, this is no shade or whatever to Godaddy or Bluehost. They are also great and have their own pro’s and unique offers.

You know I don’t bullsh*t. I want you to have a trust worthy host and have such a great expierences as I do. Realize that a host is not temporary. You should be so happy with your host, that you don’t ever want to change. ( as long as you own a website)

SIteground has a lot of good reviews. Just look it up yourself.  Like – a lot. I don’t regret choosing Siteground a second.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Siteground too, if you decide to start a blog.

  • Siteground is just €3,95 a month. (excl. vat.) ( regular price =9.95 €/MO.)
  • Siteground is worldwide.
  • Siteground has a GREAT 24/7 live chat.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • You get a Free SLL Certificate. (a secured link between a website and someone’s else their browser. Very important.)
  • Siteground supports WordPress.
  • SSD drives
  • Latest speed technologies
  • User apps autoupdates
  • Own firewall security rules
  • They actually know what they’re doing.
  • They offer an Affiliate Program.
  • Free Automated WordPress Transfers
  • They care about their customers and prove that. ( the chat also works really well)
  • Their website / user area / works really well and is very clear.
  • You can find a lot of info and help on in the user area.
  • Clear cpanel.
  • Self-hosted ( great for monetizing your blog.)
  • They have multiple payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and IDEAL. 

They have 3 plans:

  1. Start up
  2. Grow big
  3. Go Geek


Siteground Hosting Provider
  1. Start up is great if you are just starting out and want one website. 
  2. Grow big is great for you if you want/have multiple websites and you already have a x amount of visitors.
  3. Go Geek is perfect for you if you want/have a e-commerce or larger website’s. 

Remember when you choose one of them, you can ALWAYS upgrade or change. 

I will suggest you to choose START UP:

  • One website
  • 10 GB Web space
  • 10.000 visits monthly
  • Free site transfer
  • Free app installs
  • Free email accounts
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free SSLs & HTTP/2
  • Cpanel & SSH
  • Free website builder
  • SSD Storage
  • 30 Days money back
  • Free auto daily Back ups
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Unlimited My SQL DB
  • Free Website Transfer ( in case you already bought your Domain name somewhere else)
  • (for €14,95 excl vat. you have your Domain name)
  • Affiliate Program ( I recommend to sign up for the program just like I did!)
  • Webmail ( including info@yourblogname)

So just for €3,95 a month you have a hosting provider that you can trust and can rely on. For Real.

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Signing up is really easy. 

Choose your plan – Choose Domain – Review & Complete

Siteground Hosting Provider

Choose your plan. 


Register a New Domain ( If you don’t have a domain/website yet) or if you already have one, enter your URL.  

Siteground Hosting Provider

Choose your period and Extra Services, Confirm and Pay. ( instead of having to pay every freaking month, you pay for your chosen period of time right away. love that.) 

And your done! Yaaasss.

I personally only have positive experiences. I would recommend Siteground for sure. I hope I was able to help you. 

Sign up for Siteground here.

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