the truth about why you feel relaxed on vacation

You went on vacation, came home and a couple of days later you realize how nice your vacation was and how zen and relaxed you felt. ‘’wishing you could feel that way at home’’. Like that’s already the problem. There is so much fucking noise around you that you don’t really relax at all. The truth is you THINK you feel relaxed after a bath maybe or after drinking your favorite tea or reading a book but the truth is that you are not. There is still so much going on in your mind conscious but also subconscious. Your body is more relaxed than usually but you are not totally at ease. 

So now the question is why the heaven do you DO reach that level of relaxation on a vacation or any break? 

Well here it is: ( my opinion and knowledge) 

  • You subconsciously & consciously give yourself permission to ‘’relax’’.
  • You are in a different environment. 
  •  Your routine/pattern breaks. You go with the flow. Go with the wind baby. 
  •  Away from all the noise at home. ( this is from the car sounds, to being around people, to the feeling that you ‘’need’’ to do particular things, etc)
  •  You are focussing on positive things. ( at least distracted by the beautiful sea or amazing mountains.)
  •  You live more in the moment. 
  •   You use your senses more than your mind. So you are grounding more. 
  •  Your mind shuts off ( also because you gave yourself permission to relax and  ‘’ not having to think about anything’’ ) 
  •  You feel free.
  •  You don’t feel like you NEED to do things. ( no self sabotage)
  •   Because you focus on different things / more positive things, you experience positive things. 

So no I’m not saying this is always how it is or how you feel but this is in my opinion and experience how it goes. 

So now you might think, but I always start to overthink everything In life instead of NOT thinking at all? YES you are totally right. Imma tell you why:

So after al the x above you start to relax. This also means that everything that you ever kept inside will come to surface, so you can process it and let it go. Your subconscious mind gets the change to let all those feelings come to the surface. That’s why so many people get ill or sick on vacation or after. Because they finally let all that stress and pent-up feelings out. Its like the glue finally lets loose. Also because you are in a different environment you get the chance to relax and look at things from a distance and have an overview. You might not think the same about something anymore. It’s like you think more clearly. ( great time to plan some changes)

Now what also happens is because of all those feelings you might feel stressed. Totally okay. I believe and I quote: ‘’ in order to let something go, you need to take it all in at first.’’ So just go with what your feeling and let it come and go as clouds flying by. 

I feel like the trick is to stay in that mindset and relaxation after vacation but that might last a couple of days or a week but after, you end up in your routine again with all the noise.. so big chance its gone really fast. I also feel like people take care of them self WAY better on vacation. 

Relaxation is not just externally but also internally. I feel like the level you reach or can reach on vacation is a little close to meditation. ( I encourage you to meditate too) Relaxation can go very deep if you let it. It’s not just about laying down or feeling chill. It start with your body and then goes into your mind, subconscious mind, soul, higher-self etc. One of the reasons why your soul or whatever you want to call it is able to come thru while meditating is because you go so deep into relaxation and stillness that there is ” space” to come thru. Don’t get me wrong, laying down on the beach, listening to music, swimming, dancing or whatever, I’m all for it. Relaxation is not just sitting still. Relaxation starts as soon as your mind shuts off. With shutting off I don’t mean meditation or sleep but things like swimming, drawing or dancing and more. Just doing something you don’t have think about or too deep. That’s also one of the reasons why things like that are therapeutic.

It’s just clear. Going on Vacation or on a trip is really healthy. Shopping, laying down on the beach, traveling, or swimming.. whatever you do, I encourage you to go on vacation for sure even tho its bizarre how big of a difference it it’s between being relaxed at home or on vacation. It’s should be the same. But, I guess that is our work.

conclusion: we need to take care of ourself even more at home. Speak, communicate, let go of all negative energy and let your feelings pass by. Let it out. You are not your thoughts. Take bath, read a book, listen to music, put on a mask, dance, clean but RELAX the most. 

sending all the love,

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