How to Find your Purpose
how to find your purpose

So this is I think one of the biggest question people have.

What the heaven is my purpose and how the heaven am I going to find it? ( you see what I did there? Only positive vibes people.)

Well first, you won’t find your purpose. YOUR PURPOSE WILL FIND YOU.  again. 

You won’t find your purpose…. Your purpose WILL FIND YOU.

Of course, in a way YOU will find your purpose but in the end, you will only find it when your purpose shows it self  if that makes sense. You can’t force the timing. 

Now instantly, let go of the need to find it and finding it now. It will find you at the right time. And with saying ” your purpose will find you” I mean keep exploring and soul-searching but don’t rush it.

Your hobby and even your current job doesn’t have to be your purpose. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. If you love it and have a great time doing it, keep doing it. But your purpose will go way deeper than just a hobby or job. 

Your purpose is something that is already inside of you. A part of you. Something that you will enjoy doing. You might not even think about money because you have so much passion for it. Your purpose/meaning in life is something that will full-fill you. 

You will find your purpose internally not externally. It will be something you love to do. It is  knowing what you want to do. If it’s really your purpose, it will work out. Everything will go your way and work out. Nothing will stop you from doing it. The universe will have your back and believe me you’ll know.  ”God’s plan”.  Everything will align. What ever it its, from motherhood to creating events for children with a handicap. From financial adviser to saving tree’s in the Amazone, if it’s mean to be it will be. Just be aware of the fact that your purpose might be something totally different then your friends purpose. For example: your purpose could be helping people in Africa, but your friends purpose could be resolving computer problems. It doesn’t have to be that ”Deep”. I feel like some people think ” having a purpose” has to be something like saving animals. like no. It may be something that isn’t that ”deep”, big or difficult.  As long as you enjoy it and feel one with what you are doing, your’e doing amazing. When it’s the right thing, you’ll feel it. 

You guys loved my ‘’ 10 steps to finding your blog niche ‘’ post.  In that post I told you to write down everything that come’s easily to you. Something that is natural for you. That could be something or an experience. This post will be a little similar.

Here is a little help upfront.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone more often
  2. Try new things
  3. Keep soul searching 
  4. Keep Learning

 I can help you come a little bit closer to and let you become aware of what you are doing in life right now.  So you can start reinventing your life and start doing what you love. And maybe, you’ll meet your purpose. ( or what if it was already there?)

what you will need:

  • a notebook or paper
  • a pen or pencil
  • a marker or highlighter
  • tea/coffee/something to drink

Now you are going to answer these questions and write it down on separate sides:

  1. What do I love to do?
  2. What comes easily to me? (What comes naturally to me? Something that take’s no effort, it doesn’t have to be something you love doing or find interesting )
  3. Where am I good at? 
  4. What do I spend my time doing? 
  5. Where lies most of my focus?

I want you to write down everything that comes to your mind. Even the ”little” or ”stupid” things.

Writing it down and putting it down on paper always helps us to see the whole picture and think clearly.

So now that you wrote all that down, (Hi Drink something. Stay hydrated.)

Now, just start reading everything you just wrote down en let that sink in. 

  1. Now start marking or highlighting  everything you would do as a job, KNOWING YOU ARE A BILLIONAIRE . ( you would have all the money in the world but would still do it because you love it so much)
  2. Now start crossing everything that you ”like” but don’t LOVE or wouldn’t do if money wasn’t involved.
  3. Now cross everything you don’t want to spend time on anymore. ( and maybe want to replace with something you love or something new)
  4. Now cross everything that you don’t want to focus on anymore.


Now we are going to replace the negative with the positive.

You are going to write down everything you DO want to:

  1. Spend time doing
  2. Focus on
  3. Do more
  4. Learn 
  5. Try

Again, write down everything that comes up. You can do more then you believe. 

(Hi, don’t forget to take sip. I’m currently drinken matcha tea.)

If your’e done, congrats! you should have a clear vision of what you are doing in life, want to erase in life and want more of in life. Maybe somewhere In those lists you find your purpose or meaning in life. Or you may not and still feel lost. You”ll be fine. Just go with the flow and be patient. 

Once you become aware of what you are doing in life, you may find that your purpose was there all along. Something that you were doing for a long time or maybe something you just started doing or wanted.  Sometimes we need an awakening to see things. Maybe you have a dream but you are too afraid to pursue it. Maybe you didn’t find it yet. BECAUSE THAT’S TOTALLY OK.

what I mean is that it’s closer then you think so don’t stress about it. LIVE. And you will find it and it will find you. Now start to reinvent your life. Remove everything that steals your peace of mind , plan and don’t set goals. DO IT, PLAN IT. Goals are nice but if you really want it, you will find a way to do it. It won’t be a goal anymore but A PLAN.

Once you find your purpose, you will find freedom. 


I hope I was able to help you guys!

Sending all the love.

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How to find your Purpose

how to find your purpose
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