How to find your niche. 

There is so much to write about. But most of the time people struggle with finding their niche. Either they are going wayyy to deep or they just don’t know what to do. I’m going to help you finding your niche with this post. Lets do this shit!

  • Grab a pen/pencil/whatever you want to write with.
  • Grab a notebook and a piece of paper. 
  • Grab some crayons or markers. 
  • Grab some coffee or tea. Just because you can. And because you have to stay hydrated of course. 

First, grab your notebook:

1 So now ask yourself this question:

What do you like? What do you like to do?

 This could be a football, make up, working with children, flowers, food, home decor, books, architecture etc etc. 

WRITE YOUR ANSWERS DOWN. In random order. Write everything down. 

2 Now ask yourself this question:

What comes easy to you? What is natural for you?  What is something you don’t have to do anything for.

You just do, can, love. Things that don’t take any effort. You just do. Example: working with children, singing , sports, working with baby’s, helping people, working with animals, giving advice etc. Its doesn’t have to be something you consider a ‘talent’ it can be something really simple. 


3 Now ask yourself this question:

What are you good at? Like what are your skills? What talents do you have?

Example: Math, dancing, cooking, running, sports, beauty/make up, hair, gardening, writing, finance, playing an instrument, creating fashion etc.

Skills/Talents are the things you can help people with. An other way of saying it is also: you can make money with it. 


Don’t doubt, don’t think twice, don’t overthink, WRITE IT DOWN. Let that negative ego within you shut their mouth. You have more talents than you realize and YES YOU CAN. 

4 Now ask yourself this question: ( you can either do or skip this step) I suggest to do it but if you are alone or somewhere else where you have no one to ask about it, just skip it for now. You can also come back for this part. 

What do others say you are GOOD at? 


5 Now this:

What do you know a lot about? 

Example: History, animals, cooking, make up, sports, logistics, psychology, herbs, flowers etc. 


Web Hosting

6 Now this:

What do you want to learn? What do you want to know more about? 

Some Examples: religion, fashion, parenting, spirituality, yoga, hamsters, finance, construction etc. 

WRITE IT DOWN. DIFFERENT PAGE. There are no limits. Write everything down that comes up in your mind. 

7 Now grab your piece of paper. 

We are going to make a mindmap. A mind map is like a ‘’spiderweb’’.  And there is one goal ( in this case finding your niche)  Now I can explain how to make this, but I thought it was way easier to show you. 

Blog, Niche,

So in the middle ( the bigger circle) write down Niche. And in all the ‘’smaller’’ circles you are going to write everything you just wrote down. ( answers step 1 – 6).  

You don’t have to do the circle thing. You can also just draw lines to the words. Just make sure there is a middle and you write NICHE in the middle. You can get creative with this. Use your markers or crayons and use color, maybe draw some things. Have fun with it. 

8 Now you suppose to have something like this:

Blog, Niche,

Now you are going to put a line through everything you do NOT want as your niche. 

9 Now:

You should have topics left. At least one. But lets say you have multiple. Now you are going to put a line through every topic you doubt or that is  the ‘least fun one’ or the one that would be plan b. Like I always say,  doubt…MEANS NO. 


You should have at least one left. I understand you may still have doubts if you have more than 1 left. But just know that you don’t HAVE TO write about 1 topic. You CAN write about multiple topics! So either way, you found your niche! 

congratulations! You just found your niche. 

I hope this helped. 

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Go celebrate and make your self some fresh coffee or tea!

Sending all the love.

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