Hi guys. This post is for all the people that meditate on here. I found that finding the ‘’right’’ meditate music can be hard to found. Not because there is a lack of it, but because there is so much of it. Every Youtube channel has is own kind of music. But it’s nice to have a channel that has all different kinds of music. There are different types of music for meditation. Music with more Melody’s or instruments that sound more like songs, music with almost no difference in sounds and no melody, OM one’s, music with flute, culture one’s  and way more. I feel like its different what works for everyone. I personally love some deep sounds. I found this Youtube Channel a long time ago named: Meditative Mind. They have many different kinds of music. You can find sleep music to frequency and chakra one’s to anti-anxiety. From natures sounds to instrumental. There is music for relaxation, meditation, yoga, to wake up, to go to sleep, to just Be and more. So if you are looking for music for your meditation, yoga or anything else,  I highly recommend Meditative Mind. I made a list of some of my favorites. Oh and let’s not ignore the fact that the thumbnails & video’s are super aesthetically pleasing. I feel like with their video’s you can either just listen to the music and sounds or do both and also look to the video. They are really relaxing. 

Meditation Playlist.


1  OPEN HEART CHAKRA | Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls Sounds | Chakra Meditation music

2 Choir Chants “Divine OM Mantra” [INCREDIBLE]

This is a soft OM. 

3 OM MANTRA MEDITATION | 30 DAYS of CHANTS S2 – DAY 01 | Meditative Mind Meditation Music

So what’s cool about this is that they created a 30 day challenge or list whatever you want to call it. So for 30 days you have 1 video everyday to listen to. Its called 30 Days of Chants Series. (season 2) 

4 Anti-Stress, Anti-Anxiety Music || Deep Relaxing Drone based Meditation Music [ 36Hz + 432Hz ] GOLD

Tip: focus on the ‘’ball’’ its really relaxing.

5  VEDIC ECHOES w/ SHIV MANTRAS for Positive Energy || Positive Thoughts

This one is really spacy and sounds like a galaxy. 

6  639 Hz Sleep Music || Harmonise Relationships & Heal Heart Chakra || Solfeggio Sleep Music || 9 Hrs

This one is also really deep but also silent and calm.  A great one for sleep. 

7 432Hz || Powerful POSITIVE ENERGY FLUTE MUSIC with Chanting Soundscapes for Meditation

8 741 Hz || Get Rid of All the Toxins and Negativity || Soothing Solfeggio Frequency Music

This is a silent one as I call it. 

9 Super Low Frequency Music || Release Stress and Tension || Let It All Go and Relax

A really calm one. 

10 528Hz + 174Hz || Full Body Relaxation Meditation Music

This one has a really ‘’ everything is going to be ok’’ vibe. 

11 ROOT CHAKRA MEDITATION ❯ Seed Mantra LAM Chants ❯ Cosmic Chants for 7 Chakras by Meditative Mind

This is one of their chakra one’s.

12  Morning Meditation Music for Positive Energy Boost – Nature Forest Sounds + Santoor || Indian Music

I love this one for the mornings. 

13 Hang Drum + Tabla Yoga Music || Positive Energy Music for Meditation || Healing Music

Also great for Yoga and just relaxing. 

14  Satnam Satnam Satnam Ji || Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Ji || Relaxing Mantra Meditation Music, Simran

Super relaxing. More like a song. 

15 Into an Enchanting Forest || Magical Celtic Music @432Hz || Mystical Forest Sounds

16 174 Hz ❯ PAIN RELIEF MUSIC | Ultimate Whole Body Healing | Solfeggio Frequency Meditation Music

17 741Hz Spiritual Detox || Healing Solfeggio Frequency Music for Meditation

18 Hang Drum + Tabla | MUSIC for YOGA | Indian Positive Energy Music | Background 

Instrumental Music

For yoga. 

19 396Hz ❯ REMOVE NEGATIVE BLOCKS ❯ Let Go of Subconscious Fears & Worries ❯ Solfeggio Frequency Music

20 396 Hz ❯ Let Go Anxiety, Worries, Deep Subconscious Fears ❯ Relaxing Sound Bath Meditation Music

Just beautiful. 

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21 639 Hz + 396 Hz || SOLFEGGIO “SURROUND SOUND” || Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Music

22  528Hz Angelic Healing Meditation Music || Reiki Music

23 PURE POSITIVE ENERGY VIBES || Zen Meditation Music || based on Hang Drum Music

24 Mantra to Remove Obstacles and Negative Energy | Jai Ganesh Pahimam

25 852 Hz | Awaken Intuition | Solfeggio Frequency Music | Soundscapes

26  THE DEEPEST OM || 108 Times || Peaceful OM Mantra Meditation

27 MAGICAL HEALING MANTRA ❯ Prana Apana Sushumna Hari Meditation


28 639 Hz Music with Waterfall Sounds || Soothe your Heart, Mind & Body || Solfeggio Frequency Music

Listen to this one when your hott in summer. For real. 

29 NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE MUSIC || 528 Hz Based Calm Instrumental Flute Music

30  852 Hz | LET GO LIMITING BELIEFS ❯ Activate Third Eye Chakra ❯ Awaken Intuition ❯ Solfeggio Music

31 528Hz | Repairs DNA & Brings Positive Transformation | Solfeggio Sleep Music

32 OM Chanting @ 432 Hz

This one is very very deep. 

33 417 Hz | Wipes out all the Negative Energy | 9 Hours

Perfect to play all day while being at home. 

34 ALL 7 CHAKRAS HEALING CHANTS | Chakra Seed Mantras Meditation Music

Healing all chakra’s at once. 

35 Clear Negative & Bad Energy From House, and Even Yourself | 417 Hz Tibetan Singing Bowl Music

36 Into a Mystical Forest || Enchanted Celtic Music @432 Hz || Nature Sounds || Magical Forest Music

37 SHAMANIC DRUMS + DEEP TRANCE HUMMING MEDITATION ❯ Shamanic Meditation Music for Stress Relief

38 Mantra to Help Dissolve All the Problems Related to Health & Wealth || 108 Times – Saturn Mantra

39 SECRET MANTRA of MYSTICS (feat. Tibetan Flute Music) Must Listen

40 EXTREMELY POWERFUL!! FIRE MEDITATION for Balancing Solar Plexus Chakra ( MANIPURA )


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Meditation Playlist.

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sending all the love.