Hi guys,
Do you know what happened to your food? Do you know what kinds of food do good or bad to your body? What is healthy and what is not? What X amount of protein do we need? How much salt? How much B12? Is meat bad for your health or not? Eat less or more fish? Go all vegan? All these questions and so much different answers..
I made a list of documentary’s that may change your life and vision of food and what kind of food you eat. The documentaries are not the answers to all the questions but it is a different point of view.
All these documentaries are on Netflix.

here is the list:

1 Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
This one is really motivating.

2 What the health 

( my favorite)
Watch this one if you want to be vegan but aren’t there yet.

3 Food choices
Also a good one.

Let me know what you think!


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