Money, Budget, Save

Hi guys,
Do you spend more than you planned to do? More than you actually CAN do?
It so easy to spend money and just buy buy buy. I feel like having a budget is important and will also help you save some more money.


Nowadays everyone is paying with (credit)cards or buying online. And that doesn’t make things better. It super easy to have a budget and go over your budget since there is more enough in your bank account right?

1 Make sure that you have an X amount of money cash in your wallet for the month.

This could be pocket-money or money for groceries or anything else. This way you can only spend what’s in your wallet. You will also know whats left in there. Also because you are actually touching the money and giving it away, you are actually feeling more and being more aware of the value. Try it out. Is it nicer to spend $50 online and just seeing it go than handing over $50 in the store? It also can make you wanna save more.

2 Put the X amount of cash in an envelope.

This way you will really have to think about buying something since you might not have the money in your pocket. Also when the envelope is empty, it’s empty. You can see what’s left right away. In the end, it’s all about getting grip on your money.

3 Reminder

Have a reminder. It could be a picture or a reminder on your phone to remind you why you want to stay on your budget. It could be to save money, because you may spend a lot of money every month or because you want a brand new car and have to save up some money.

Part 2. Coming Soon!


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