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Hi guys,
this is a different kind of post and a more ‘story’ one but I hope you will love it anyway. I think any dog mom can relate! I can laugh at myself when all this happens.


1. When you have the leash in your left hand and your dog is walking at the left at first. But then suddenly the dog decides that he love’s the right side more and walks to the right side behind you so the leash is rubbing against your legs and then before you are able to change the leash to your right hand the dog misses the left side again and decides to go back to the left side but this time in front of you and you are not able to walk forward without being cut by the leash or without falling forward. So you have to make a swirl with your leash to get back where it should be.

2. When you buy a beautiful big bed for your dog knowing your dog will be laying and sleeping softly and warm. So you put the bed on the ground and then when you come back thinking the dog will be sleeping like an angel on the new bed, your dog is literally on the ground next to the bed only had one paw on the bed just to make sure you know he is NOT in his bed and love’s the ground more. Just to make sure you realize you spend that much money on something he/she won’t use. Only love tho.

Perfect Example of my dog:


3. When your dog is always excited to go outside and walk when it’s not time but when its time he doesn’t feel like it and you have to almost drag them to the front door and when you want to put the leash on they suddenly decide they’re super tired and lie down knowing you will be struggling to put the leash on that way.

4. When you give them a treat thinking they will be grateful for the treatment and they will take it softly and gentle out of your hand and lick you as a thank you but instead they don’t wait and almost eat your whole hand like a shark to walk away fast afterward. Because they love you but they love the treats more.
5. When you are walking outside with the leash and you are walking by a river or some water with tree’s in front of it, so your dog wants to catch the ducks in the water but the trees are in the way so they zic zac and the leash is around every tree and you can’t pull them back without pulling them against the tree so you have to walk onto the grass and mud yourself to un-ziczac the leash.

It’s funny and cute at the same time. I love it. We don’t deserve dogs.
disclaimer* Im not saying every dog does this and acts like this. Every dog is different and acts differently. There is also nothing wrong with these situations. We should love them even more because of it.

let me know if you can relate!


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