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I came up with some ways to make saving money easier. Saving money is not always easy and its different for everyone. I think the biggest problem is that people want to save money but put too much away. Like way more than they can miss. And because of that, they take it back and there ya go. no savings. It’s like a circle. Of course you want to save as much as you can, so you can go on that vacation to Japan or just to let the number grow but in my opinion, its good to save money but it should be balanced. So that you DO save some money but it doesn’t affect your day to day life. So it will grow and grow and you won’t have to touch it. 



Here are 10 ways to make saving money easier:

1 Hide the money

(literally, hide it) you will forget about it.

Put it in an envelope and put the envelope somewhere between books or stuff you don’t touch in general. Of course, in the beginning, you will keep thinking about it, but if you put away what you can miss and focus on other things you will forget about it.

2 Saving automatic

= you don’t have to do anything.

Make sure that you automatically transfer money to your savings account via your bank account. That way you don’t have to think about it and you won’t even notice it. Your lazy self will thank you later.

3 Visual saving

Put a visual reminder of your goal/plan on a jar.

So if you have a goal or plan, maybe a vacation or a car you want to buy.. Grab a jar and print out a picture that is going to make you excited and is going to motivate you to save some money. Stick the image to the jar. Now every time you don’t feel like saving money, you will see the picture and get motivated and be reminded what you are saving for. Emotion & visualization will be involved what will make it easier.

4 Bottle cash

Fill the bottle.

Use a 1 or 2-liter bottle to save your money in. The goal here is to fill the bottle till the top. It’s going to be really satisfying to see the bottle totally filled. OUTSIDE the fact that you saved a lot of money. You can use coins or just any cash.

5 Challenge

Challenge yourself for a period of time.

There are so many challenges to do. You can challenge yourself to save every penny you have left over after buying something for 30 days, or save every 5 dollars you receive. Pinterest is full of saving money challenges so check Pinterest out for great money savings plans.

6 Blind saving

Sending the money to someone else.

So this one is a little bit different and some people may like it, some people won’t.

You can ask someone ( i would recommend family) to save money for you. So you will send some money to them every month or week so they can save it for you in a separate piggy bank or savings account. This way you won’t be able to touch the money. Because you won’t see it, you will be less triggered to touch it. Of course, when you want the money you can ask for it but try to save as long as you can so the number will be growing and growing. You’ll be surprised how much you have saved. The amount of money you send it of course totally up to you. As long as you don’t miss it. You can do this also with cash of course.

7 Investing


Another great way to save money is to invest. This can be a company or cryptocurrency. The upside is that you don’t see the money and there a big chance that it will double. The downside is the fact that you can also lose your money. So really think about it before doing it.

8 Put your cash in a piggy bank or something you can’t open in an easy way.

There might be a chance you don’t want to break the Piggy Bank open because if you do, it will be broken and you would have to buy a new one. There are also money boxes that don’t open easily. This way you won’t be able to grab the money and really have to take the effort to break it open. The only way is with a can opener.

9 Reward yourself if you have done X or accomplished X

Another way is to reward yourself with an X amount of money every time you workout, or ate a really healthy meal or didn’t eat candy that day or get up early in the morning or whatever you choose. This can be really rewarding and motivating. Just make sure you are not using a high amount since you might actually get motivated.

10 Pay yourself every time you curse.

This is a funny one. A lot of people curse and like 1000 times a day. Grab a jar or anything and make a promise to yourself that every time you curse, you throw a penny in there or whatever X amount you want.

I hope these will help you!

Let me know what your thoughts are about saving money! Easy?


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