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Here is a list of travel hacks you need to know!

1: ROLL. JUST RRRROLLLLL ITTT. don’t fold, ROLL. It saves so much space. AND NO WRINKLES.

2: things in things. This one is so easy. Just put your things in your other things. You can use your shoes, small bags, sleeves, cases, socks, hats etc.

3: Wear your heaviest/biggest clothes on the airplane. This way your suitcase will be lighter and you will have more space left. So wear that one heavy jacket or those big sneakers.

4: Put all your big stuff like your laptop, books, hair dryer or whatever what could take space in your suitcase, in your backpack/handbag. This way you have more space to fill it with clothes. Rather too many outfits than a lack of it right?

5: Put all your small stuff like mini deodorant, shampoo, maybe jewelry, adapters, brushes etc in a plastic bag. This way you won’t have to search for it and things that can leak, won’t touch your clothes.

6: Speaking of leaking… If you are taking your shampoo with you or any liquid, open the bottle, put a plastic bag over the bottle and close the bottle. This way your bottles won’t leak.

7: Take a small bag with you, so you can put all the important documents and tickets in there. This way you won’t have to search for everything and you won’t lose anything important. Make sure it’s a bag that fits in your handbag.

8: Take a paper bag with you. This way you will have an extra bag. Paper bags are easy to take with you since you can fold them. (ROLL IT THO) You can put it in your suitcase or in your backpack. They weigh nothing and if you don’t feel like your ”normal” bag you can use the paper bag one.

9: Wear a hoodie on the plane. This way you can mute the flying sounds a bit, Hear your music better if you listen to music and isolate from everything. It’s also works as a soft pillow in a way.

10: Your hoodie is also going to help you not get cold.

11: Take a bikini bag with you. I don’t know what they are called but I mean those bags that are specially made to put your wet bikini or laundry in. this way the rest of your suitcase won’t get wet. You can also use it for dirty laundry.

12: Dubble check and have a plan B. Make sure that everything you have on paper is also on your phone. This could be the actual documents on an app or in iBooks or a screenshot of everything. As long as you have a plan b in case you lose something.

13: Take your own bottle with you. Just because it’s nicer to have your own bottle. You can ask the people on the plain to fill it.

14: Have a copy of your documents or tickets in your Notes. This way if you can’t find something or lost something, you will have a plan B. Also to find it fast, put a lock on the Note. This way you will recognize it. If you don’t have your tickets etc on your phone at all, with iPhone you can scan your papers and documents in your Notes.

15: take Antibacterial soap with you. Airplanes are not hygienic.

16: Think twice if you really need something because you might wanna buy something at your destination. If you do buy something, try to fit as much as possible in your handbag This way your suitcase won’t be overweight.

17: Take a toilet bag with you for ALL your hair accessories. This way you won’t have to search for those tiny bobby pins. And when you lose your hair tie… you know where to get a new one.

18: I know I said NO FOLDING but there is a way… Fold all your clothes into your other clothes and then ROLL IT. This is also going to save you space.

19: If your hair Iron is still hot, grab a sleeve if you have a hoodie or t-shirt in your suitcase and wrap it around it.

20: Take a first aid mini bag with you. They fit in your backpack and suitcase. You never know if you need it. Put it in your handbag. Just in case. Yes, a broken nail is also an emergency.

21: If you are taking bags with you, empty them and put as many bags as you can in those bags. This is going to save you space.

22: Take a mini sunscreen with you in your backpack. So you can use it right away before you arrive at your hotel.

23: Put any medicine in your HANDBAG. Don’t put it in your suitcase because you might need it. You might think you are not going to need it, but if you do your screwed.

24: USE TRIPADVISOR. This way you can check the place or destination out. This way there won’t be negative surprises like no room service or wi-fi or no beach nearby. DO – YOUR – RESEARCH.

25: Go to your doctor to know if you need any vaccinations upfront. For some places you do, like Thailand.

26: if you go to a country where they pay with other currencies, make sure you withdraw money at THE AIRPORT. Such vending machines are hard to find.

27: Make sure you have money on you but also on your bank account. Just in case.

28: Use a credit card.

29: Bring a portable charger AND your normal charger.

30: Pack your jewelry each in aluminum foil. This does not get them tangled up

31: Send every document and tickets to your travel buddy ( in case you travel together). That way if your phone battery dies, your travel buddy will have everything y’all need for the airport etc.

32: Bring a second phone case, so if your phone case breaks, you have another one en don’t have to buy a new one.

33: For all the girls: if you don’t want your head to be burned by the sun, throw your hair upside down, now make a ponytail or bun and you’re ready to go. I found out that your skin won’t be burned or at least not so much if you pull it back without a separation. I do recommend to first make a separation and put some sunscreen on the ‘line’ and then make a ponytail or bun. Just to be extra safe.

34: Book your hotel and flight apart from each other. Sometimes that’s cheaper.

35: Use Airbnb instead of a hotel. Could save you some money.

36: Always compare Flight and Other transport. Sometimes Flying is cheaper than taking the train.

37: Download music on your phone. In case of no wi-fi or data.

38: If you are able to fit everything in your hand luggage DO IT. It saves money.

39: put a bobby pin on your ear buds so they won’t be tangled.

40: Put a sticker on your suitcase. This way you will recognize your suitcase.

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I hope these will help you! let me know if you are going on a trip or vacation and where you are heading!

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